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CREDOS meeting 13th September, 2017

The 2017 meeting of CREDOS took place at Cardiff University in Wales on 13th September ahead of the European Society of Criminology conference which followed on that week in Cardiff.  The session was chaired by Pamela Ugwudike (who had recently moved from Swansea University to the University of Southampton) and Jill Annison (University of Plymouth).  We were joined by academic and practitioner colleagues from around the world, who provided international perspectives in our discussions on policy and practice issues.

Participants in the meeting:  Chris Trotter, Jim Byrne, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Phillipa Evans, Cath Powell, Margaret Griffin, Mike Maguire, Kate Williams, David Hayes, Fergus McNeill, Jill Annison, Brian Heath, Pamela Ugwudike, Louis-Georges Cournoyer, Marie-Michèle Dumas, Lol Burke, Christine Hough.

The presentations in the first part of the meeting covered a range of different topic areas:

Chris Trotter 
‘Structured Family Interventions in Youth Justice Settings’

Louis-Georges Cournoyer and Marie-Michèle Dumas
‘Young Offenders’ Problematic Behaviours during their Rehabilitation Process as Predictors of Recidivism’

Brian Heath
‘The Jersey Probation and After Care Service (JPACS).  Description of Outcomes and Client Feedback on the Supervision Experience’

Fergus McNeill
‘Creative Methods for Studying Supervision and Re/Integration’

The second part of the day was an open session when colleagues shared updates on their research and developments in their areas of interest.  This was followed by information regarding the book ‘Evidence-Based Skills in Criminal Justice: International Research on Supporting Rehabilitation and Desistance’, to be published by Policy Press in December 2017.   This is co-edited by Pamela Ugwudike, Peter Raynor and Jill Annison, with a number of CREDOS members contributing chapters.

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The final part of the meeting launched the CREDOS website ( and associated Twitter account (CREDOS@credos_info), together with discussion of future plans for CREDOS.  Further information about these developments will follow on this website.


Effective Strategies for Working with Involuntary Clients: International Perspectives. May 23-25, 2018, Monash University Prato Centre, Tuscany, Italy

This international conference on working with involuntary clients, will gather ideas from research, policy, and practice about strategies for effective practice in child welfare, corrections and similar practice settings. The dynamics of working with this population will be discussed, with an emphasis on the importance of building relationships, engagement and problem solving.

For more information, please visit this site:

CREDOS members can access the call for papers here:


Probation Journal –  Call for papers

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